6 Easy Indoor Succulents

Want to add some lush greenery to your indoor spaces but don’t know where to start?

Start here with these fuss-free succulents you can easily grow indoors! Succulents are the perfect low-maintenance option for your indoor spaces and perfect for beginners! But not all succulents are equal when it comes to growing them indoors. Check out these 5 beautiful, undemanding succulent varieties that will thrive indoors and provide vibrant greenery yearround!

Gasterloe Flow

This unusual hybrid succulent is a mix of Gasteria and Aloe, and it is thought to be originated from South Africa. These spiky green beauties feature thick pointed leaves that are speckled with spots and texturized with small bumps. This succulent is generally small, shallow-rooted, and slow growing, and it grows best in small clusters in wide, shallow dishes. It tolerates low-light levels and shade, so it grows perfectly in indoor spaces. In addition to being a flexible indoor plant, the Gasterloe Flow is also incredibly hardy and tolerates extreme neglect, so it is perfect for beginners and busy individuals who may forget to water once in a while.

Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa) 

The Panda Plant, or Chocolate Soldier, is a velvety, green succulent with brownish-red spots on the tips of its leaves. The brownish-red spots and silvery white hairs resemble panda fur, earning it the name “Panda Plant.”  This adorable succulent has a woody stem with grey-green oval leaves. It is often grown in containers indoors or in hanging baskets outdoors. The Panda Plant is native to Madagascar and can grow several feet from its woody base. However, as an indoor plant, the Panda Plant is limited by the size of its container, usually only reaching 1 to 2 feet tall. 

Panda Plants grow well in medium to bright light and tolerate shade as well, making it an excellent indoor houseplant. In fact, Panda Plants usually tolerate a range of light and water conditions. Panda Plants are low-maintenance and require little attention to thrive. In fact, their plump water-storing leaves even allow them to thrive in neglect. If you are a busy office worker or amateur gardener, the Panda Plant is the perfect houseplant for you!

Blue Pickle Vine (Senecio radicans)

The Blue Pickle Vine, or String of Fishhooks, is an incredibly fast growing and easy-to-care-for trailing succulent. The long, slender blue-gray vines can grow longer than 4 feet and are known to even grow all the way down to the floor from a hanging basket, earning it the nickname “Lady Godiva.” Clustered on the vines is the blue-gray foliage curved upward like fishing hooks or blue pickles. The plump “hooks” are designed to retain and store water, and as a result, it is very drought-tolerant. Overall, Blue Pickle Vine is a surprisingly robust, hardy succulent that isn’t too particular about its growing conditions. Whether it’s spilling from a pot on a shelf or hanging from a basket on your patio, it will flourish!

Cathedral Window Haworthia 

Native to South Africa, this variety of Haworthia is incredibly hardy and difficult to kill. It is a stemless, dense rosette that grows in attractive clusters, and it is known for producing a tidy clump of offsets at its base. It features fleshy, pale green “boat-shaped” leaves that curve inward and come to a point like a boat. The succulent is generally called Cathedral Window Haworthia because the tips of the leaves are translucent like glass windows and allow more light to shine through to the plant. Cathedral Window Haworthia is usually slow growing and enjoys bright indirect sunlight along with partial shade, making it an ideal houseplant. 

Graptoveria Bashful (Crassulaceae)

Graptoveria Bashful, or Pinkie Ruby, is a hybrid of Graptopetalum and Echeveria. It has fleshy, upright leaves that feature a mint green rosette that is prettily blushed with pink or red leaf tips. Cool temperatures and bright sunlight bring out its most vivid ruby red color. If grown in the shade, the succulent will love its color and revert back to its natural green color. In the springtime, it produces small white or pale yellow flowers on a tall stalk, though blooming may be more unlikely if the plant is kept exclusively indoors. These sun-loving rosettes are easy windowsill succulents that will bask in the sunlight and brighten up your windows! Graptoveria Bashful is a stemless succulent and will grow wider rather than taller over time. 

Golden Ball Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii)

This unique, spherical cactus makes a striking accent piece in any home! The Golden Ball, or Golden Barrel, Cactus is native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. Its hardy nature and exotic appearance make it a popular houseplant. Its circular shape and coating of flexible, golden spines make it look like a pincushion, earning it the humorous nickname “mother-in-law’s cushion.” True to their desert roots, these cacti cannot handle standing water. As a result, they need well-draining soil and the brightest, sunniest location your indoor space has. The Golden Ball Cactus does best in sunny windows with southern exposure. 

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