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I learned about succulents from my mom. She had lots of them in her yard and little leaves everywhere. When I asked her about the leaves she explained to me how they can grow a new plant from a leaf. That a broken plant, that separated from its mom, could grow NEW LIFE.  Propagation became something I had to try and was immediately infatuated.

Ok, the truth is, I was addicted...

Other than during a short period, I have not stopped playing in the dirt with plants and specifically succulents and cacti. I found that doing this gave me a new focus on brokenness and healing, I felt connected to something greater when I was in the "garden" or designing arrangements.

People asked to buy my arrangements so I began spending more time doing what I loved, at night and on the weekends. I noticed that I felt different when I spent time doing this and I found that it was becoming a part of my healing journey.

The universe brought me this amazing art, of gardening and succulent therapy.

My small venture to learn how to grow succulents from a leaf and design gorgeous planters became something completely different through several different events, and now it is what it is today. Tampa Succulents was born and is now a huge part of my life, my creative outlet and connection to the community. 

I love teaching others about the art of growing and caring for succulents and cacti, which we now do through DIY events and pop up markets.

We hope you join us!! 


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