How to Maintain & Care for Your Living Succulent Wreath

Your environment makes a huge difference in how you take care of succulents but hopefully, this will provide a good guide for you that you can adapt to wherever you live!


The frequency of watering will depend on where you live. Basically, you’ll water the wreath once the moss is completely dry. 

We recommend spritzing the moss of your living wreath with water weekly. 



If you live in a dry climate, be careful to give your plants enough water without drowning them. If you are in a more humid or cooler climate you will likely be able to water less, say every other week. Just keep an eye on it and water when it’s dry.


As with all succulents, you want to make sure your wreath gets enough light that the plants don’t stretch. Stretching succulents will make the wreath look overgrown really quickly. On the other hand, you don’t want to put them in direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon when it’s the hottest outside.

While some fully rooted succulents can tolerate full sun, strong direct sunlight is the quickest way to destroy your wreath. 

Most doors have some sort of shade over them from a porch or even just the roof. If your door faces south you may want to consider hanging the wreath elsewhere as the south-facing sun in the summer is pretty brutal.


A living succulent wreath will last for a full summer and shouldn’t require too much trimming. You can keep your wreath for years to come but you will have to cut back some of the plants to keep it nicely trimmed.


If your winter climate reaches freezing temperatures and below, you’ll need to bring your wreath in during the winter. Make sure it is in a room that has plenty of sunlight. If you notice stretching you can either wait until the end of the winter and cut the heads off then or get a grow light for some extra help.

Some customers have asked about storing succulent wreaths in the garage, but unless your garage is heated, it could also get too cold for your succulents to survive well. 

In the winter months succulents grow very slowly and don’t require as much water, so you won’t need to worry about watering often.

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