Succulent DIY Kit Planting Guide


Tampa Succulents


Step 1-Add Succulent Soil to the planter/pot/container

  • Cover the bottom of the container with enough potting soil so that when the plants are in place
  • Leave about a half inch below the rim of the container
  • This will make it easier to water the plants without overflowing the sides of the container

Step 2-Test Placement of Succulents

  • Place your plants, into the container to get a general idea of spacing
  • Move the plants until you are satisfied with the arrangement

Step 3- Plant your succulents/cactus 

  • Take the succulents out of their nursery pots,
  • and place them back into your container one by one.
  • Using a chopstick or a pencil can help place them by moving the soil under them
  • Then, gently pack additional potting soil around each plant.
  • Make sure to keep the soil covers the roots of the plant
  • Confirm that you have filled in all the spaces between the plants.
  • If you leave air gaps, the roots might dry out and kill the plants.

Step 4-Add the Finishing Touches

  • Gently remove any soil that is covering the leaves and stems of the plants.
  • You can do this with a soft-bristled brush or even by gently blowing on the plants.
  • To give your container a finished look, add the moss around the container and slightly under the plants

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