Succulent Care Guide: Stop Killing Your Succulents!

Care Guide


A plant that is grown in optimal light conditions will “look normal” (unstressed), and is more likely to flower than one grown in sub-optimal lighting conditions. While optimal lighting conditions depend on species, there are some general signs that indicate your plant is getting either too much or too little light.

Too much light:  

Your plant can appear off-color, look “bleached out" or show burn spots (tan calloused markings). Move to a more adequately shaded area to remedy. Too little light:  Your plant me a peer “leggy “as it stretches towards a light source a process known as the location. Your plant will suffer if left in such lighting conditions for very long. When transitioning to a stronger light keep in mind that your plant will be especially prone to stretching so make the transition slowly.

How often to water and fertilize:

Cacti and succulents should typically be watered every 7 to 10 days. As a general rule, if you stick your finger in the soil and feel moisture, don’t water! You want to soil to dry out completely between waterings. Each time you water thoroughly soaked the soil so that water runs out of the drainage holes. During the growing season, you can use ballast fertilizer deluded to ¼ strength, every second or third time you water.

Drench Dry Method

Think of it simply as a drench dry method! Soak it and let your plants dry out completely before watering again. You can insert a wooden toothpick into the soil and leave it after watering. The next time you think you should water your plant, check the toothpick. If it is wet/damp or not completely dry, then wait to water!